Technical details:

Available force

:200KN (20 tons)

Compression ratio

:1.6 to 1.83

Block height                 

:Can be adjusted 25 mm to 100 mm


:Six seconds per stroke 600 strokes per hour (600 full or 1,200 half blocks per hour).

Manpower needed

:4 workers if infeed conveyor and outfeed conveyor are used

Dimentionsions       (not including conveyor)

:Length 240cm             Breath 180cm               Height 180cm

Net Weight:  

Auram Press 6000 (currently under development)

Fully automatic motorized hydraulic press for compressed stabilised earth blocks (CSEBs). The press can be delivered either with a 3 phase electrical motor 7.5HP: 480V  (Press 6000 E) or a diesel engine (Press 6000 D).

Fully automated with all machine functions controlled by microprocessor, the Auram 6000 is capable of producing one block every six seconds (600 blocks per hour), well suited for continuous operation in a commercial block yard or for high-volume block making for major construction projects.

To achieve this output, the Auram 6000 press is coupled with the Auram Crusher and Auramix 5000, along with infeed and outfeed conveyors, to provide a steady input of raw material and easy  handling of finished blocks.  Additionally, pallet jacks for moving finished blocks, and a skid-steer front-end bucket loader for handling raw materials are recommended.

The following molds can presently be fitted on the Auram Press 6000, with a convenient bolt-on design:

Mold Plain 240 with standard full size of 240 mm x 240 mm x 90 mm

Mold Plain 290 with standard full size of 290 mm x 140 mm x 90 mm

Mold Hollow 390 with standard full size of 390mm x 190mm x 90mm

Mold Dry Interlocking 250 with standard full size of 250mm x 249mm x 100mm

Mold Dry Interlocking 300 with standard full size of 299mm x 150 mm x 100mm

All molds can produce full size, 3/4 and 1/2 size blocks.

Block height can be adjusted: 25 mm to 100 mm.

Manpower requirement: 4 workers

One operator controls the Press 6000 and ensures that everything works smoothly during production.

Two workers offload the blocks from the roller conveyor and stack blocks on pallets.

One worker with pallet jack moves the loaded pallets to the initial curing area (near the press).


The Auram Press 6000 has inflatable wheels so can be moved easily on site or transported behind a tractor.

The maximum towing speed behind a tractor is 20 Km/h along rural roads.

For highway and long-distance transportation, the Auram Press 6000 must be loaded onto a trailer or truck as its wheels are only suitable for on-site manoeuvring or short distance transportation, and to facilitate loading.


It is highly recommended to purchase these accessories so as to obtain optimal productivity for the press:

In-feed conveyor to transport the soil from the Auramix 5000 into the press hopper

Out-feed roller conveyor to move the finished blocks away from the press.

Additional accessories (not supplied) such as pallets for stacking blocks, pallet jacks for moving blocks, and a skid-steer with front-end bucket loader and forks for handling raw materials and pallets are highly recommended.

This type of set-up is well suited for continuous operation in a commercial block making business or for high-volume block making for major construction projects.


1.The standard motor configurations are as stated above. Contact Aureka for other motor options if these 3-phase motors are unsuitable for your region


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